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MapleSEA " My Darling, My Love" GM Hunt Event

Dear Maplers,

Ever thought of sending love messages to the one you love in MapleSEA? This is your chance to express to them now! Join us for MapleSEA "My Darling, My Love" GM Hunt Event!

 "My Darling, My Love" GM Hunt Event 


14th February 2008


Channel 13 Free Market Entrance


1600hrs - 1800hrs (Aquila and Cassiopeia)
2000hrs - 2200hrs (Bootes and Delphinus)

 Prizes: A set of pink and blue seal cushions for the top couple.

Event Details

1 For the 1st hour of the event, Maplers (regardless of being single or married) will be able to make dedications to their loved ones.
2 All dedications can be made via Avatar Messengers, Maple TV or Megaphones.
3 The most romantic dedications will be selected and broadcasted throughout the event.
4For the 2nd hour of the event, only married couples in maple will be able to participate in this event.
5All married couples are to gather at Channel 13 FM Entrance.
6Hints will be given out for couples to identify the different locations of the GMs.
7Throughout the event, couples are required to hunt the items requested by the designated GM.
8Once requested items are gathered, one of the couple will have to sprinkle a weather that all items are gathered.
9The first 2 pair of couples to gather all the items in each world will be awarded with prizes.  

Rules and Regulations


  Each pair of couple must be available throughout the event.


During the huntings of drops, GM may inspect if both the couple are at the same map hunting together at any point of time. 


Teleport Rock can be used during the event.
4Paticipants that try to PM GM for the clues during the event will have their in-game account ban.
5During the event, offensive, sexual, abusive representations etc are not allowed in which failure will result in disqualification dealt with according to our User Abused Policy.  
6Every participant may not receive prize more than once (1 IGN each).
7GM's decision is final.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Game Client Patch on 23/01
Dear Maplers,

There will be a game client patch and server maintenance for MapleSEA on 23rd Jan 2008, from 0300hrs (GMT +8) to 0800hrs (GMT+8). The Game Service will be down during this period. Please logout before this time to avoid any loss of items.

The upcoming patch includes:

Version 0.51

- Removal of Christmas Cash Item
- Launch of Mu Lung Town and Herb Town
- New quests available in the new towns
- New Chinese New Year quest
- Return of the Valentine’s Day quest
- New Cash Item: Lion Head Cap and Lion Hair Overall
- New Cash Item: String of Chinese Traditional Fire Cracker
- Reported bug fixed!

If you have problem running the auto-patch when starting the game through the desktop shortcut, restart your PC and follow the steps described in this link here: http://www.maplesea.com/support/faq.aspx#09

If this fails, please download the manual patch. If manual patch does not work, please re-download the new game client. Check our FAQ section for more information.

The game service has been resumed at 0855hrs (GMT +8).

Valentines Day Special

Dear Maplers,

During Valentine’s season, what is better than spending times with your loved ones? As for married couples, be with your loved ones and look out for 4 New Wedding Ring Effects in MapleSEA from 6th February 2008 till 20th February 2008.

Types of Ring Effects

Moonstone Ring  

Shinning Star Ring  

Gold Heart Ring  

Silver Wing Ring  

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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